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Pay It Forward Projects

Cinda is so grateful to the supportive and generous community of people that she has been fortunate to know! One family in this community is the Conradi family, who have been such a strong, positive force in our world. One of the twin boys, Isaiah Conradi, was born with quadripilegia cerebral palsy, and that has affected his ability to move, speak, and grip items. In order to mirror the love that the Conradi family has shown to their community, Cinda proposes we show them our support by contributing to a GoFundMe campaign in their honor, which will aim to provide certain supportive devices to help Isaiah's mobility, as well as an Adaptive Bicycle, so that he may be able to bike outside with his incredibly loving brother, Alexander. 

Here is the link to the campaign, as well as some beautiful photos of the Conradi family, so you can get a sense of the joy they have brought into her life and many others! Thank you!

This September, Cinda will be participating in the AVON 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer! Knowing various women who have been affected by this disease has inspired Cinda to train and participate in this event in Santa Barbara. AVON 39 helps fund research, awareness, and education while providing assistance for families currently battling breast cancer. She is raising funds to donate to this worthy cause and would appreciate your generosity! Click on the link below to donate and show your support to her and the countless brave women who battle this disease! Thank you!


Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags are a great way to give back to the community! This DIY project is simple, caring and a fun project to do with your kids. It's as simple as putting aside a few snacks you would put in your kids' lunches or picking up a few extra items at the store! The bags are than handed out to those who are in need. You can keep them any place that is accessible, so they are easy to grab and give when the opportunity is presented. Always take safe precautions when your family is handing out blessing bags. Believe in giving back!

Suggested Ingredients:


Lip Balm

Snacks (nonperishable, healthy encouraged)

Pack of Gum and/or mints

Hygiene products

Package of Tissues

The Little Free Library

Everyone has a book from their childhood that warms their heart. Whether it’s Dr. Seuss, The Hungry Caterpillar or The Giving Tree, we all cherish the memories of learning to read.

Little Free Library is a growing trend that encourages the love of reading. People all over the nation are building their own unique library and placing them on a post in the front yard. It’s as easy as give a book, take a book.

These fun libraries hold multiple books to choose from. Anyone can stop by and pick up a book or two and take them home to share. There are no late fees or due dates. It is asked out of courtesy to leave a book if you take one.

The goal is to build a stronger community through creativity, sharing and the love of reading. Little Free Library is aiming to get the stories off the shelf and into the neighborhood.

Little Free Library even encourages you to build your own. This DIY project can foster the neighborhood to read more. So get your tools out and start building. Guidance for building your library is provided on the website and instructions on how to register it.

Nothing compares to the smell of a book as you turn a page, so get out there and share the love of reading.

For more information or libraries near you, we encourage you to visit the website